Mojave Dumbbells


Quincy Sport

Name of product

Mojave Rubber Dumbbells




3 years of commercial warranty

Standard colors

rubber - black, shapes - light gray

Optional colors

rubber - black, shapes - any colour from the PANTONE palette


2,5 kg - 50 kg (increments of 2,5 kg)
5 lb - 100 lb (increments of 5 lb)

Mojave Rubber Dumbbells: Quintessential Strength Training by Quincy Sport

Discover the Mojave Rubber Dumbbells by Quincy Sport, engineered for durability and precision to meet the demands of any fitness level. From personal home gyms to commercial fitness centers, these dumbbells are designed to endure the toughest workouts while providing the versatility needed for a comprehensive strength training regimen.

Key Features

Superior Durability

Crafted with high-quality rubber, the Mojave Rubber Dumbbells are built to last, capable of withstanding repeated use in the most demanding training environments. Their robust construction ensures they remain a staple in your training arsenal for years to come.

Precision Weight Calibration

Accuracy is key in strength training, and the Mojave Rubber Dumbbells deliver with weights precisely calibrated for consistency. This allows for balanced training and the ability to measure progress accurately over time.

Customizable Aesthetic

While the standard black rubber and light gray shapes offer a sleek and professional look, the option to customize the shapes with any Pantone color provides the opportunity to personalize or brand your training equipment, adding a unique touch to your fitness space.

Extensive Weight Range

Accommodating all levels of strength, the Mojave Rubber Dumbbells offer a wide weight range, ensuring there’s a dumbbell for every stage of your fitness journey. This versatility makes them ideal for a variety of exercises, from basic bicep curls to more complex compound movements.

Elevate Your Strength Training

The Mojave Rubber Dumbbells by Quincy Sport are not just a training tool; they’re an investment in your fitness journey, offering the reliability, precision, and style that modern athletes demand. With a 3-year commercial warranty, these dumbbells guarantee enduring performance and satisfaction.