Weighlifting by Quincy Sport
Testing 500 000 throws
Weight tolerance ­- Conforming to the IWF CERTIFICATE
Friction Grip System (Competition Discs 0,5 KG ­- 2 KG)


Testing 1 000 000 throws Weight tolerance ­- CONFORMING TO THE IWF CERTIFICATE

Precise Knurling

Extremely Clean Steel





Discover Quincy’s Premium Weightlifting Discs: Competition and Training Series

Elevate your weightlifting regimen with Quincy’s meticulously crafted weightlifting discs, designed for both competitive and training environments. Our comprehensive range of Competition and Training Discs embodies precision, durability, and performance, catering to athletes and fitness enthusiasts dedicated to pushing their limits.

COMPETITION DISCS: Precision Engineered for Peak Performance

Our Competition Discs are crafted for athletes who compete at the highest levels. These discs are calibrated for precision weight accuracy, meeting the stringent requirements of competition standards. Available in a broad spectrum of weights, from 0.5 Kg to 25 Kg, each disc is designed for optimal performance and durability:

  • Competition Disc Fg 0.5 Kg to Competition Disc Fg 25 Kg: Choose your precise weight for balanced and effective lifting.

TRAINING DISCS: Durable and Reliable for Everyday Use

The Training Discs series offers a robust solution for daily workout routines, providing the same quality and performance as our competition series but tailored for regular training sessions. From the lightest 0.5 Kg to the heaviest 25 Kg disc, these weights support a versatile training program, ensuring both beginners and seasoned athletes can find the right discs for their training needs:

  • Training Disc Fg 0.5 Kg to Training Disc Fg 25 Kg: Versatile options to enhance your training, whether you’re focusing on technique or building strength.

Features That Set Quincy Discs Apart

  • High-Quality Material: Both the Competition and Training discs are made from durable materials, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed for easy handling, our discs feature a grip-friendly surface, making transitions smooth and efficient.
  • Versatility: Compatible with Olympic bars, our range suits a variety of exercises and lifting techniques, making them perfect for any fitness routine.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: With a sleek design and clear weight markings, Quincy discs not only perform well but also look professional in any gym setting.

Elevate Your Lifting Experience with Quincy

Whether you’re stepping onto the competition platform or aiming to surpass your personal bests in training, Quincy’s weightlifting discs provide the reliability and performance needed to support your journey. Explore our collection and discover the perfect discs to complement your dedication and hard work.