Core Selection:

  • Olympic Horizontal Bench: A staple for flat bench presses, designed for stability and precision.
  • Olympic Incline Bench: Tailored for upper chest workouts, featuring adjustable incline settings.
  • Olympic Decline Bench: Focuses on the lower chest muscles with a secure, downward sloping platform.
  • Boss Bench Pull: Specialized equipment for enhancing back strength through bench pulls.
  • Olympic Squat Rack: Robust and versatile, perfect for squats and overhead lifts.
  • Olympic Squat Rack + Platform: Combines the squat rack with a dedicated lifting platform for safety and performance.
  • Olympic Adjustable Bench: Offers multiple angle adjustments for a comprehensive workout.
  • Olympic Adjustable Arched Bench: Adds ergonomic support with its arched design for varied exercises.
  • Olympic Flat Bench: A classic choice for bench pressing with a focus on stability.
  • Olympic Arched Horizontal Bench: Merges traditional flat bench benefits with an arched support for added comfort.

Unique Designs:

  • Guitar Bench: Innovatively designed for seated exercises with guitar-shaped support for comfort.
  • GHD Bench – Glute Ham Developer: Targets the posterior chain muscles for comprehensive lower body development.
  • Sissy Squat Bench: Ideal for quad isolation exercises, enhancing balance and strength.
  • Adjustable AB Crunch Bench: Versatile design for targeting abdominal muscles with adjustable intensity.
  • Abdominal Bench Ladder: Combines a traditional ab bench with incremental levels for progression.

Additional Offerings:

  • Olympic Military Bench: Specialized for shoulder pressing exercises, ensuring form and function.
  • Bench Cage: A multifunctional cage for a variety of exercises, including bench press safety and squatting.
  • Leg Raise Station: Dedicated equipment for core strengthening through leg raises.
  • Utility Bench & Utility Long Bench: Flexible options for a wide range of exercises, adaptable to user needs.
  • Scott Bench / Seated Arm Curl: Perfect for bicep isolation workouts, featuring ergonomic design for arm support.
  • Total Arm Blaster Bench: A comprehensive solution for arm exercises, ensuring correct posture and targeting.

Specialty Benches:

  • AB Curl Bench & Gripper: Focus on abdominal and forearm training with specific, targeted equipment.
  • Tibia Dorsi Flexion: Unique equipment for strengthening the shin area, ideal for runners and athletes.
  • T-Bar Row: A solid base for rowing exercises, targeting back muscles.
  • Olympic Wide Bench, Chin / Dip / Leg Raise: Multi-functional stations for upper body and core strengthening.

Each bench and station is meticulously designed with the user’s comfort and workout effectiveness in mind, constructed from durable, high-quality materials for long-lasting use in any fitness setting.