Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls: Unleash Versatility in Your Workouts with Basket Bullets

Quincy Sport proudly presents our comprehensive range of Basket Bullet Medicine Balls, meticulously designed to cater to a diverse array of fitness needs. From enhancing core strength to improving coordination and endurance, our Basket Bullet series offers unmatched versatility and quality for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and rehabilitation professionals alike.

The Basket Bullet Series

Our Basket Bullet Medicine Balls come in a variety of weights, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every training requirement, skill level, and workout intensity. Explore our extensive lineup: Standard Basket Bullets
  • Basket Bullet 2 LB – Ideal for beginners and rehabilitation exercises.
  • Basket Bullet 4 LB – Perfect for light resistance training and warm-ups.
  • Basket Bullet 6 LB – A versatile choice for core workouts and agility training.
  • Basket Bullet 8 LB – Great for intermediate strength training and dynamic throws.
  • Basket Bullet 10 LB – Suitable for challenging core exercises and partner workouts.
  • Basket Bullet 12 LB – Enhances power and explosive movements.
  • Basket Bullet 14 LB – For advanced strength conditioning and plyometric drills.
  • Basket Bullet 16 LB – Elevates high-intensity training and functional workouts.
  • Basket Bullet 18 LB – Ideal for strength and endurance building.
  • Basket Bullet 20 LB – The choice for elite athletes focusing on power development.

Technical Basket Bullets

Basket Bullet Technical 30 OZ to 75 OZ – Ranging from 30 oz to 75 oz in 5 oz increments, these technical medicine balls are engineered for sports-specific training, focusing on precision, balance, and technique improvement across various disciplines.

Key Features

  • Durable Construction: Each Basket Bullet is designed to withstand rigorous use, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor workouts.
  • Versatile Use: From strength and conditioning to rehabilitation and sports-specific training, the Basket Bullet series supports a wide range of exercises.
  • Progressive Training: With weights ranging from 2 LB to 20 LB and technical weights from 30 OZ to 75 OZ, these medicine balls allow for progressive overload and varied intensity levels.
  • Enhanced Grip: The textured surface ensures a secure grip, even during the most intense workouts, reducing the risk of slips and enhancing safety.
  • Functional Fitness: Ideal for developing core strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility, integrating seamlessly into functional training routines.

Basket Bullet

Whether you’re looking to introduce new challenges into your workouts, focus on specific muscle groups, or engage in sports-specific training, the Basket Bullet Medicine Balls from Quincy Sport offer the quality, variety, and reliability you need to push your limits. Embrace the versatility and effectiveness of the Basket Bullet series and experience a dynamic upgrade to your fitness regimen.