A IVE AB/Core Rack stations develops abdominals, obliques, and back muscles.

IVE are recreational stations for outdoor training for every age group and every user level – from teenagers, through adults and seniors, to professionals.




IVE devices in the basic version are made of polished stainless steel, thanks to which we obtain a beautiful and extremely durable structure. The lack of additional varnishing also allows the product to maintain a perfect appearance for as long as possible, because in this way we eliminate all possible mechanical damage to the varnish coatings that can always occur in public utility products.

However, at the customer’s request, we varnish our products in all available RAL CLASSIC colors and colors with the “HAMMER” structure.

In example below there is a QR Code link to the website, which shows all available RAL colors.





389 cm


60 cm


100 cm

User height

+ 140 cm / 4’7’’

User age

+ 13 years

Safety area

24,80 m²


Stainless Steel


EN 16630:2015-06E


CE / EU Declaration of Conformity



Users do not need electricity, air conditioning or heating for outdoor training. All that is needed is the motivation to do it.


Our devices are made of 100% stainless steel, which allows us to completely eliminate other less durable materials.


We are so confident about the quality of our devices that we have established a 10-year commercial warranty to guarantee their integrity. We didn’t only double the industry standards – we extended it over 5 times!


Our devices are made of 100% stainless steel, which allows us to completely eliminate other less durable materials.


IVE devices are virtually maintenance-free. A 5-minute session every 6 months will be sufficient to keep your IVE device safe and operational.

IVE AB/Core Rack: The Ultimate Outdoor Core Station

Transform Your Core with IVE AB/Core Rack

Discover the IVE AB/Core Rack, a meticulously designed station focused on fortifying your core strength by targeting abdominals, obliques, back, and buttocks. It’s tailored for individuals across all walks of life—from energetic teenagers embarking on their fitness journey, working adults striving for a balanced workout regime, to seniors and professionals seeking to maintain or elevate their physical conditioning.

A Comprehensive Core Strengthening Solution

Engaging with the IVE AB/Core Rack provides a holistic approach to core training. By focusing on key areas such as the abdominals, obliques, back, and buttocks, this equipment ensures a balanced development of the core muscles. Strengthening the core is crucial not only for achieving a toned physique but also for improving posture, enhancing balance, and reducing the risk of injuries. It serves as the foundation for a strong, versatile, and resilient body capable of handling daily tasks and athletic endeavors with ease.

Designed for Outdoor Fitness Enthusiasts

The IVE AB/Core Rack celebrates the joy and vitality of outdoor training. Positioned in natural or urban outdoor settings, it invites individuals of all ages to engage in effective core workouts while enjoying fresh air and the beauty of their surroundings. This fusion of physical activity with the outdoors enhances not only physical well-being but also mental health, offering a refreshing break from indoor routines.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Versatile Training Options: Target multiple core muscle groups with a single, efficiently designed station.
  • Accessible to All: Whether you’re new to fitness or an experienced athlete, the IVE AB/Core Rack is user-friendly and adaptable to your fitness level.
  • Outdoor Fitness Revolution: Experience the unique benefits of exercising outdoors, from improved mood to increased motivation.
  • Core Strength Foundation: Build a powerful core, essential for overall strength, stability, and performance.

Elevate Your Outdoor Training Experience

The IVE AB/Core Rack is more than just a piece of equipment—it’s a gateway to a stronger, more vibrant self. By integrating core workouts into your outdoor training regimen, you’re not only sculpting your body but also enhancing your overall health and well-being. Embrace the IVE AB/Core Rack for an invigorating, effective, and enjoyable way to achieve your fitness goals, all while connecting with nature and the great outdoors. Join the movement towards a healthier, stronger core and unlock your full potential with every session.