Basket Bullet

18 LB

Basket Bullet 18LB

From the ball

Basket Bullet balls have been created for people who are inspired by the lives of athletes. In reference to the unique design, we wanted to create a product that will stand out from the market. Our project was heavily focused on the style inspired by the NBA league.

Finding quality, clarifying the details, and taking care of copying the invoice and the appearance of the balls, were developed over three years to find the ideal ready for production.

Wanting to meet the broad market and also want to create something innovative, we want to give the ball a soul that, caught in our hands, puts us in consternation – are we holding a basketball, or is it really a medicine ball?

We are convinced that the product will meet your expectations and will also make performing a wide range of exercises that work with a medicine ball will be a pleasure.

We think that the exercises with Medicine Balls are more than 1000 … yeah really.

Thousand exercises for all parts of your body. Light to harder. The first step to level Pro. You must decide what do you want to do with your body – and do it! It’s simple!

Take the Basket Bullet and go wherever you want!”

for woman …

… and men

from light …

…to harder

in pairs …

… with smile !

History of Medicine Balls

… Ancient drawings date the medical ball over 3,000 years ago …

When Persian wrestlers trained with sand-filled blisters. The ball survived and the next discovery in ancient Greece.

Hippocrates pushed animal skins so that patients could throw the ball for medical and rehabilitation purposes. That is why the name „health ball” was used for a long time.

Gladiators, on the other hand, considered it a good device to prepare for the arena …


Now medical balls are available in a wide range of weights, sizes and materials. They are used in training by sports players – from basketball, football, baseball, martial arts, through strongmen, crossfiters and many others.

The range of exercises that you can do with medical balls is limited to what your mind can come up with, which is why it is such a popular training equipment.

Our Basket Bullet collection will inspire you. Individually made from high quality materials, refined with respect for details and finish, these inspired by a unique and unique style, sports items – they feed history!

Basket Bullet 18 LB: A Fusion of Basketball Legacy and Workout Innovation

Tribute to the Game

The Basket Bullet 18 LB embodies the energy, history, and prowess of basketball, celebrating the sport’s culture and the legends that have dominated the court. It’s a symbol of commitment, strength, and excellence — traits that define the essence of basketball and are now encapsulated in a fitness tool.

Excellence in Design and Function

  • Synergy of Sport and Exercise: By blending the iconic look of a basketball with the durability of a medicine ball, the Basket Bullet 18 LB breaks the mold, offering an aesthetically appealing and functional workout companion.
  • Refined Craftsmanship: Achieving this pinnacle of design was a journey of continuous refinement, spanning three years to perfect the balance between design, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, culminating in a product that not only meets but surpasses the expectations of athletes and enthusiasts.
  • Innovative Workout Experience: The Basket Bullet 18 LB invites you to redefine workout norms, providing a tactile experience that oscillates between a professional basketball and a robust medicine ball, enhancing the richness of your exercise regimen.

Upgrade Your Workout Experience

The Basket Bullet 18 LB transforms routine exercise into an engaging, comprehensive fitness journey:

  • Boundless Exercise Opportunities: Designed for versatility, this medicine ball adapts to a multitude of exercises, suitable for all fitness levels from beginners to professional athletes.
  • Tailored Training for Every Objective: Whether focusing on specific muscle groups or engaging in extensive full-body workouts, the Basket Bullet offers the flexibility needed to pursue a broad spectrum of fitness goals.
  • Freedom to Exercise Anywhere: Emphasizing portability, the Basket Bullet 18 LB encourages you to take your fitness routine to any setting, integrating the energy of basketball into every aspect of your workout.

Experience the Unparalleled Basket Bullet 18 LB

The Basket Bullet 18 LB transcends conventional fitness equipment, symbolizing a blend of basketball’s spirit with the functionality of a versatile fitness tool. It challenges you to transform your exercise sessions into a profound exploration of physical and mental strength, inspired by the legends of the court. The Basket Bullet 18 LB is not merely an instrument for improving physical health; it embodies the enduring spirit of basketball, guiding you towards your fitness aspirations with the game’s passion infused in every rep. Adopt the synthesis of passion and prowess that the Basket Bullet 18 LB introduces to your fitness regime, propelling you towards excellence with each session. Contact us today.