Basket Bullet Technical

35 OZ

From the ball

Basket Bullet balls have been created for people who are inspired by the lives of athletes. In reference to the unique design, we wanted to create a product that will stand out from the market. Our project was heavily focused on the style inspired by the NBA league.

Finding quality, clarifying the details, and taking care of copying the invoice and the appearance of the balls, were developed over three years to find the ideal ready for production.

Wanting to meet the broad market and also want to create something innovative, we want to give the ball a soul that, caught in our hands, puts us in consternation – are we holding a basketball, or is it really a medicine ball?

We are convinced that the product will meet your expectations and will also make performing a wide range of exercises that work with a medicine ball will be a pleasure.

We think that the exercises with Medicine Balls are more than 1000 … yeah really.

Thousand exercises for all parts of your body. Light to harder. The first step to level Pro. You must decide what do you want to do with your body – and do it! It’s simple!

Take the Basket Bullet and go wherever you want!”

for woman …

… and men

from light …

…to harder

in pairs …

… with smile !

History of Medicine Balls

… Ancient drawings date the medical ball over 3,000 years ago …

When Persian wrestlers trained with sand-filled blisters. The ball survived and the next discovery in ancient Greece.

Hippocrates pushed animal skins so that patients could throw the ball for medical and rehabilitation purposes. That is why the name „health ball” was used for a long time.

Gladiators, on the other hand, considered it a good device to prepare for the arena …


Now medical balls are available in a wide range of weights, sizes and materials. They are used in training by sports players – from basketball, football, baseball, martial arts, through strongmen, crossfiters and many others.

The range of exercises that you can do with medical balls is limited to what your mind can come up with, which is why it is such a popular training equipment.

Our Basket Bullet collection will inspire you. Individually made from high quality materials, refined with respect for details and finish, these inspired by a unique and unique style, sports items – they feed history!

Basket Bullet Technical 35 OZ: Elevate Your Fitness Game

Introducing the Basket Bullet Technical 35 OZ, a groundbreaking addition to the world of fitness equipment, meticulously crafted for those inspired by the athleticism and the competitive spirit of professional athletes. Drawing inspiration from the high-octane energy of the NBA league, this product stands at the crossroads of innovative design and athletic functionality, destined to captivate users who seek distinction in their training gear.

A Fusion of Design and Functionality

Embarking on a three-year journey dedicated to perfection, our focus has been to blend aesthetic appeal with practical utility. The quest for quality, attention to every detail, and the ambition to emulate the visual essence of basketball into a versatile fitness tool have culminated in the creation of the Basket Bullet Technical 35 OZ. This is not merely a medicine ball; it’s a symbol of passion, a bridge between two worlds.

Innovation Meets Broad Market Appeal

At Basket Bullet, we believe in transcending traditional boundaries to create something truly innovative. Our aim was to craft a product that resonates with a wide audience, from casual fitness enthusiasts to seasoned athletes. The soul of the Basket Bullet lies in its unique ability to invoke a sense of wonder—making one question whether they’re holding a basketball or a powerful training implement.

A Plethora of Workout Possibilities

The versatility of the Basket Bullet Technical 35 OZ is unmatched, offering over a thousand exercise possibilities that cater to every fitness level and body part. From light workouts to challenging regimes, this medicine ball is your companion on the journey to professional-grade fitness. It’s about making a choice for your body and taking action towards your goals with confidence and versatility at your fingertips.

Your Fitness Journey, Redefined

We are committed to delivering an exceptional product that not only meets but exceeds your fitness aspirations. The Basket Bullet Technical 35 OZ is designed to transform your workout experience, making each session more enjoyable and effective. Embrace the endless possibilities and embark on your fitness journey with the Basket Bullet by your side. Embark on a fitness journey that transcends the ordinary with the Basket Bullet Technical 35 OZ. It’s more than just a training tool—it’s a statement. Grab yours and unleash the full potential of your workout, anywhere, anytime.