Basket Bullet Technical

65 OZ

From the ball

Basket Bullet balls have been created for people who are inspired by the lives of athletes. In reference to the unique design, we wanted to create a product that will stand out from the market. Our project was heavily focused on the style inspired by the NBA league.

Finding quality, clarifying the details, and taking care of copying the invoice and the appearance of the balls, were developed over three years to find the ideal ready for production.

Wanting to meet the broad market and also want to create something innovative, we want to give the ball a soul that, caught in our hands, puts us in consternation – are we holding a basketball, or is it really a medicine ball?

We are convinced that the product will meet your expectations and will also make performing a wide range of exercises that work with a medicine ball will be a pleasure.

We think that the exercises with Medicine Balls are more than 1000 … yeah really.

Thousand exercises for all parts of your body. Light to harder. The first step to level Pro. You must decide what do you want to do with your body – and do it! It’s simple!

Take the Basket Bullet and go wherever you want!”

for woman …

… and men

from light …

…to harder

in pairs …

… with smile !

History of Medicine Balls

… Ancient drawings date the medical ball over 3,000 years ago …

When Persian wrestlers trained with sand-filled blisters. The ball survived and the next discovery in ancient Greece.

Hippocrates pushed animal skins so that patients could throw the ball for medical and rehabilitation purposes. That is why the name „health ball” was used for a long time.

Gladiators, on the other hand, considered it a good device to prepare for the arena …


Now medical balls are available in a wide range of weights, sizes and materials. They are used in training by sports players – from basketball, football, baseball, martial arts, through strongmen, crossfiters and many others.

The range of exercises that you can do with medical balls is limited to what your mind can come up with, which is why it is such a popular training equipment.

Our Basket Bullet collection will inspire you. Individually made from high quality materials, refined with respect for details and finish, these inspired by a unique and unique style, sports items – they feed history!

Introducing Basket Bullet Technical 65 OZ: Where Athletic Inspiration Meets Versatile Fitness

The Basket Bullet Technical 65 OZ represents a pinnacle of innovation, designed for those who draw inspiration from the grit and grace of professional athletes. With a nod to the dynamic style of the NBA, this product is more than a mere basketball; it’s a statement piece that distinguishes itself in the marketplace with its unique design and dual functionality.

A Testament to Quality and Innovation

Three years of meticulous development have gone into the Basket Bullet Technical 65 OZ, focusing on every detail from the quality of craftsmanship to the authenticity of its appearance. This ball embodies the spirit of innovation, seeking to cater to a diverse market with a product that blurs the lines between a traditional basketball and a medicine ball, offering a soulful experience to its users.

Redefining Exercise with a Dual-Purpose Ball

The Basket Bullet Technical 65 OZ is an invitation to question the conventional boundaries between sports equipment. Is it a basketball, or is it a medicine ball? This ambiguity is at the heart of what makes the Basket Bullet so innovative and appealing. It’s designed to meet your fitness expectations and then some, enhancing a wide array of exercises with the versatility of a medicine ball.

Unlock Over 1000 Exercise Possibilities

We believe in the transformative power of the Basket Bullet Technical 65 OZ. With it, you unlock a treasure trove of over a thousand exercises, suitable for every part of the body and every level of intensity. From light, beginner-friendly workouts to challenging routines that propel you toward professional athleticism, this ball is your ticket to a comprehensive, full-body workout regimen.

Take the First Step Towards Professional-Level Fitness

Your fitness journey is uniquely yours, and the Basket Bullet Technical 65 OZ is here to support every step of that journey. Whether you’re deciding to take your physical health more seriously or aiming to elevate your workout to pro levels, this ball offers a simple, effective approach to achieving your fitness goals.

Your Companion for Anywhere Fitness

Embrace the freedom to exercise whenever and wherever you choose with the Basket Bullet Technical 65 OZ. This versatile fitness tool transcends traditional workout environments, enabling you to incorporate basketball-inspired exercises or medicine ball routines into your fitness regime, indoors or out. With the Basket Bullet, every location becomes an opportunity to advance your fitness journey.