Rehabilitation Circle

Quincy Sport’s Rehabilitation Circle™ in Liezen, Austria

Quincy Sport is proud to showcase the installation of the Rehabilitation Circle™ in Liezen, Austria, a groundbreaking advancement in the field of medical rehabilitation. This innovative device represents a significant leap forward in offering comprehensive rehabilitation solutions for elderly patients and individuals of all ages requiring effective rehabilitation methods.

Revolutionizing Rehabilitation

The Rehabilitation Circle™, developed after five years of dedicated research by 122 Labs™, emerged as a monumental innovation in rehabilitation in 2018. It was designed with the ambition of revolutionizing exercise and healthcare for the elderly, providing a multifunctional device that addresses the complex needs of rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and physiotherapy offices.

Key Features of the Rehabilitation Circle™:

  • Safety Strap: An innovative safety feature that activates if the device detects a stumble or fall, ensuring the user’s safety during rehabilitation exercises.
  • Patented Actuator System: Allows easy adjustment of handrails with a single button, enabling users to set the handrails to their height for enhanced safety and comfort.
  • Adaptable Rehabilitation Route: The device offers a flexible rehabilitation path that can be modified and adapted to meet the individual requirements of each user, even during exercising.
  • 21-Year Commercial Warranty: Guarantees structural integrity and assures users of the highest quality and safety standards in rehabilitation equipment.

Empowering Rehabilitation in Liezen

The installation of the Rehabilitation Circle™ in Liezen, Austria, serves as a testament to Quincy Sport’s commitment to enhancing health and wellness through innovative fitness and rehabilitation solutions. This device not only offers a comprehensive approach to physical rehabilitation but also integrates safety and adaptability, making it a pioneering tool in the rehabilitation sector.

Impact on the Community:

  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation: Provides an all-encompassing solution for the rehabilitation needs of elderly patients and those requiring effective rehabilitation.
  • Innovative Healthcare: Introduces a new dimension to exercise and healthcare for the elderly, promoting better health outcomes and improved quality of life.
  • Safety and Adaptability: Equipped with safety straps and an adaptable rehabilitation route, the device ensures a safe and personalized rehabilitation experience for every user.

A Milestone in Global Innovation

The Rehabilitation Circle™ in Liezen marks a milestone in Quincy Sport’s global innovation efforts, demonstrating our dedication to advancing health and rehabilitation technologies. By integrating safety, adaptability, and comprehensive rehabilitation capabilities, the Rehabilitation Circle™ sets a new standard in medical devices, promising a brighter future for individuals in need of effective rehabilitation. Contact us today!