COMPETITION DISC FG 2 KG: The Ultimate in Precision and Performance

Elevating the World of Weightlifting with the COMPETITION DISC FG 2 KG

In the competitive arena of weightlifting, where precision and accuracy are paramount, the COMPETITION DISC FG 2 KG sets a new standard. Engineered to meet the rigorous specifications of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), this disc is an essential tool for athletes seeking to achieve excellence in every lift.

Key Specifications of the COMPETITION DISC FG 2 KG

  • Weight Tolerance: Precision-manufactured to adhere strictly to IWF weight tolerance standards, the COMPETITION DISC FG 2 KG ensures athletes and coaches can rely on its accuracy for training and competition, providing a consistent benchmark for performance.
  • Color: The disc’s distinctive blue color not only categorizes it for easy weight identification during fast-paced competitions but also adds a visual appeal to the weightlifting platform, enhancing the overall sporting experience.
  • Diameter: With a practical diameter of 190 mm, the disc is designed to integrate seamlessly with standard Olympic barbells, ensuring a snug fit and smooth loading, which is critical for the athlete’s confidence and focus.
  • Thickness: The 19 mm thickness of the disc strikes the perfect balance between durability and efficiency, allowing for the optimal number of plates to be loaded on the barbell, maximizing the athlete’s ability to tailor their lifts to specific training needs or competition requirements.

A Tool for Champions

The COMPETITION DISC FG 2 KG is not merely a piece of equipment; it is a companion for champions, designed to accompany athletes on their journey to the podium. Its construction reflects a commitment to quality that Quincy Sport is known for, offering unparalleled reliability and longevity, even under the demands of high-frequency, high-intensity training environments.

Designed for Elite Training and Competition

Whether used in the quiet focus of a training session or the electrifying atmosphere of international competition, the COMPETITION DISC FG 2 KG delivers on its promise of precision. It allows athletes to train with the exact weights they will face in competition, bridging the gap between practice and performance, and enabling a smooth transition to competitive success.

A Benchmark of Excellence in Weightlifting Equipment

The COMPETITION DISC FG 2 KG represents the pinnacle of weightlifting equipment design, setting a benchmark of excellence that athletes around the world can trust. With its adherence to IWF standards, distinctive color, optimal dimensions, and durable construction, it stands ready to support the aspirations of weightlifters from novice to elite, as they pursue their passion for the sport and strive for greatness on the global stage. Contact us today.