COMPETITION DISC FG 25 KG: Redefining the Standards of Weightlifting Excellence

Elevating Elite Performance with Precision and Style

The COMPETITION DISC FG 25 KG is a masterpiece of weightlifting equipment, meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous standards of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). Designed for the apex of competitive weightlifting, this disc embodies the essence of performance, precision, and durability, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the sport.

Unmatched Features of the COMPETITION DISC FG 25 KG

  • Weight Tolerance: Adherence to IWF weight tolerance ensures that the COMPETITION DISC FG 25 KG offers exceptional accuracy in weight. Athletes can rely on the precision of these discs for training and competition, providing a foundation of trust and consistency essential for high-stakes performance.
  • Color: The disc’s striking red color not only signifies its 25 kg category for immediate identification but also adds a vibrant aesthetic to the weightlifting platform. This bold color symbolizes the power and passion that athletes bring to their pursuit of excellence.
  • Diameter: The standard 450 mm diameter aligns with Olympic specifications, guaranteeing a perfect fit on Olympic barbells and seamless integration into any competitive or training regimen.
  • Thickness: At 67 mm, the thickness of the COMPETITION DISC FG 25 KG is engineered to optimize the distribution of weight on the barbell. This careful design consideration allows athletes to load their barbells efficiently, maximizing performance while ensuring safety and stability during lifts.

A Symbol of Excellence in Competitive Weightlifting

The COMPETITION DISC FG 25 KG stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence within the weightlifting community. Its superior design and construction meet the demands of the world’s top athletes, offering a level of performance that elevates training sessions and competitions alike.

Essential for World-Class Athletes and Facilities

For elite athletes, high-performance training centers, and competition venues, the COMPETITION DISC FG 25 KG is an indispensable piece of equipment. It embodies a commitment to quality and precision that is fundamental to achieving and surpassing competitive goals. This disc is not only a tool for achieving peak performance but also a symbol of dedication to the art and science of weightlifting.

Setting a New Standard for Weightlifting Equipment

The introduction of the COMPETITION DISC FG 25 KG into the weightlifting arena marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the sport’s equipment. By combining compliance with IWF standards with a focus on aesthetic appeal and functional excellence, this disc raises the bar for what athletes and coaches can expect from weightlifting gear. Whether used in the pursuit of world records or personal bests, the COMPETITION DISC FG 25 KG is engineered to support the aspirations of weightlifters at every level, propelling the sport into a new era of performance and precision.