COMPETITION DISC FG 2.5 KG: Precision Crafted for Peak Performance

A New Paradigm in Weightlifting Equipment

The COMPETITION DISC FG 2.5 KG ushers in a new standard for weightlifting precision and quality, adhering to the stringent requirements set forth by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). Designed for athletes who demand the utmost in accuracy and reliability, this disc is a cornerstone for serious training and competition, ensuring every lift counts towards achieving excellence.

Unparalleled Features of the COMPETITION DISC FG 2.5 KG

  • Weight Tolerance: With IWF-approved weight tolerance, the COMPETITION DISC FG 2.5 KG guarantees consistent performance that athletes can depend on during training sessions and competitions. This precision fosters an environment where skill and effort determine success, unimpeded by equipment variability.
  • Color: The vibrant red color not only designates the 2.5 kg weight class for effortless identification but also adds a dynamic visual element to the lifting platform. This bold hue inspires energy and determination, reflecting the passion and power of weightlifting athletes.
  • Diameter: Optimized at 210 mm, the disc’s diameter ensures it integrates seamlessly with Olympic barbells, facilitating a smooth, uninterrupted lifting experience. This compatibility is crucial for maintaining focus and technique during intricate weightlifting maneuvers.
  • Thickness: The 19 mm thickness of the disc is crafted to balance durability with practicality, allowing for efficient storage and handling. This design enables athletes to easily adjust weights between sets, ensuring a streamlined and effective workout or competition experience.

Engineered for the Ambitious Athlete

The COMPETITION DISC FG 2.5 KG represents more than just a piece of equipment; it embodies the ambition and dedication of the weightlifting community. Its engineering is a testament to a commitment to excellence, offering a tool that meets the precise needs of competitive athletes.

Essential for Elite Training and Competition

For those at the forefront of weightlifting, the COMPETITION DISC FG 2.5 KG is an indispensable addition to their training and competitive arsenal. It is a symbol of the athlete’s commitment to achieving their best, providing a reliable and consistent measure that supports the pursuit of personal and competitive goals.

Elevating the Standards of Weightlifting Gear

The COMPETITION DISC FG 2.5 KG sets a new benchmark in weightlifting equipment, combining IWF-standard precision with a visually striking design. It supports the development and success of weightlifters, from novices embarking on their journey to seasoned competitors aiming for the podium. As the sport continues to evolve, the COMPETITION DISC FG 2.5 KG stands ready to support athletes in their quest for excellence, one lift at a time. Contact us today.